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New Republic Transport & Storage works with only the best brokers and we have other means of getting you jobs to your board other than brokers. Our dispatch program is not a sales program. We will however, book you jobs through non-traditional means with this program as well as get you broker jobs. This might be confusing, but trust us, it is not. Brokers are only one means of dispatching jobs. We know how to pull jobs off non-traditional boards that we will handle for you. Our dispatch program is designed to get you set up in a way where you will not need to worry about getting more jobs until you outgrow this program. Our dispatch program can support up to 2 to 3 trucks per mover. To keep more than 3 trucks busy, considering asking about our Mover Sales Package where we assign a sales team to book jobs directly for you.

Dispatch is great for owner-operators and those with 1 to 3 trucks. Dispatching is not something you should worry about including pickup and delivery confirmations, time updates, and of course the pulling of jobs off load boards. We know which boards are the best and have an automated system that scans and alerts for jobs on desired boards. We also have our own proprietary system that allows us to monitor and track potential loads in your area. In order words, we have mastered and evolved the dispatch game to be more effective and cost efficient for you. So, schedule a free consultation today to discuss how we can become your favorite dispatch team.


PackagesJobs MonthlyAvg Monthly RevenueAvg Yearly RevenueMonthly FeeAvg Weekly CostCommission % MonthlyAvg Monthly CostAvg Annual Cost
Starter Dispatch PackageUp to 30 Jobs$60,000.00$720,000.00$1,450.00$334.617% Monthly Additional$5,650.00$67,800.00
Corporate Dispatch PackageUp to 50 Jobs$105,000.00$1,260,000.00$2,350.00$542.315% Monthly Additional$7,600.00$91,200.00
Fleet Dispatch PackageUp to 85 Jobs$165,000.00$1,980,000.00$2,950.00$680.765% Monthly Additional$11,200.00$134,400.00
Vanline Dispatch PackageUp to 120 Jobs$255,000.00$3,060,000.00$3,750.00$865.385% Monthly Additional$16,500.00$198,000.00

All packages include: Initial Boarding For Job Exposure, Dispatching and adding jobs to your calendar, Job Confirmation Prior To Job Acceptance, Various platforms To Get Jobs (Not Only Brokers), Pickup & Delivery Customer Confirmations, Google Review Motivation, and Compliance Updates.