Running a better moving company is not just about profits or making more money. It is mainly about establishing a balanced and healthy work life. This will allow you the opportunity to earn as much money as you want while also having time for things like family, friends, vacations, hobbies, and so on. Many would say this is not possible. He is just dreaming. Well, my talented team and I have proved those people wrong time and time again by developing a successful and fully scaleable moving company 5 times over. New Republic Transport is proof as are one of the nations largest brokers and yet as owners, we only work a 9 to 5 and most days, even less hours. This is due to the ability to implement effective strategies from various departments such as marketing, technology, sales, dispatch, customer service / claims, and human resources. Our experience in all of these fields allows us the unique ability to train and automate much of these processes in order to achieve a higher return rate as well as consistent quality in your service.