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At this stage, you have outgrown any dispatch efforts and now need help with getting more jobs to keep your trucks and crews busy. Dispatch is great for owner-operators and those with 1 to 3 trucks. But once you have more than 3 trucks, having your own sales team can really make a huge difference. Jobs booked by your own team are set at better rates, lower acquisition costs, and result in better reviews every time. Our sales program is VERY effective. We have implement many of the most effective corporate sales approaches and sale technologies to perfect, evolve, and automate the moving sales process. Our system is so effective, we reserve 1 in every 5 customers that we speak with. Yes, we are that good. If a customer is actually looking for a moving company, our system is designed to give them what they need to make the decision to choose you without the annoying constant calls and harrasment. Our automated sales structure works with live agents of our own assigned specifically to your company to represent your moving services and reserve moving jobs directly to your calendar. All this for a flat monthly fee + a very modest commission rate. With our monthly fee and commission rate, we are still far more cost effective than having even 1 in-house sales agent. With us you get an entire team behind you. Sounds like a no brainer to us. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your free back office consultation today and let’s get you on a path to profits!


PackagesJobs MonthlyAvg Monthly RevenueAvg Yearly RevenueMonthly FeeWeekly Lead Budget (Required)Commission % MonthlyAvg Monthly CostAvg Annual Cost
Silver Sales PackageUp to 25 Jobs$87,500.00$1,050,000.00$2,350.00$900.00 – $1,100.007% Monthly Additional$8,975.00$107,700.00
Gold Sales PackageUp to 50 Jobs$140,000.00$1,680,000.00$3,200.00$1,700.00 – $2,000.006% Monthly Additional$12,100.00$128,400.00
Platinum Sales PackageUp to 80 Jobs$210,000.00$2,520,000.00$4,150.00$3,500.00 – $4,500.005% Monthly Additional$17,700.00$212,400.00
Vanline Sales PackageUp to 120 Jobs$330,000.00$3,960,000.00$5,350.00$6,500.00 – $8,500.005% Monthly Additional$22,125.00$265,500.00

All packages include: Initial Boarding For Job Exposure & Sales Pipeline, Booking and adding jobs to your calendar, Job Confirmation Prior To Job Reservation, Various platforms To Get Jobs (Multiple Sales Lead Sources), Pickup & Delivery Customer Confirmations, Google Review Motivation, and Compliance Updates. (Lead Budget Not Included In Monthly & Annual Cost Outline). Average estimations above are based on previous results and are not guaranteed to be replicated even though our numbers have been consistent to these averages for over 6 years.

Note: Sales Packages Gold, Platinum, & Van lines must have effective customer service support to handle job count. We offer customer service / claim packages if you do not have staff to fulfill these roles. We can help you scale quickly without having to hire and train your own customer and administrative staff.  Click here to learn more.