New Republic Transport and Storage Corp offers clients reliable packing and storage solutions nationwide and throughout the state of Florida. Our local moving crews are well trained to help all customers pack their items safely and properly for handling and transport. However, many customers choose to do this themselves in order to save money on packing materials and local moving labor time cost. To help customers do this right, we decided to create an outline of how to pack your fragile items correctly in order to avoid damages and claims.

There are several types of fragile items & all need special attention in order to be ready for transport. The list of fragile items is based on the items material. Glass, rare stone, and antique wood are amongst the most common & important categories of fragile materials for household items. If you have items that fall in these item categories, they will need to be packed in a specific way to ensure their safety.

Glass items will need more attention compared to the other categories due to the level of fragility of glass itself. When we pack glass, we want to make sure no glass is touching other glass or metal surfaces if packed in a box. To avoid this, you will want to wrap each individual glass item with paper first (you can use old news paper or magazines laying around) then bubble wrap all around the item. Once fully wrapped with both layers, you can place the item in the box. Be sure to include support at the bottom of the box. A layer of bubble wrap will do. A good way to save box space is by using a towel or pillow at the bottom and top of each glass packed box. This will ensure the box has no empty space for items to move around and also can save towel and pillow boxes as well.

Other glass items like mirrors that do not fit in a box will need to be wrapped in heavy padded blankets then wrapped again with cardboard which is then shrink wrapped. This gives it 3 layers of  shock absorbent protection. The cardboard & blankets will also protect from handling mishaps. Most items are not damaged during handling but during transport as shock traveling through the truck can crack glass or even stone and wood items.

Stone and Wood items are handled the same in many instances. First layer of protection is always the heavy duty padded blanket. Once all wrapped and all areas are covered, items are shrink wrapped to ensure item is fully protected. Keep in mind, shrink wrapping items is an additional layer of protection and in many instances will be additional in cost. So we always advise our clients to purchase a large roll of shrink wrap from Home Depot or Lowes in order to save on packing materials. Large vendors like Home Depot and Lowes are big buyers and have the ability to offer customers these packing materials at a very low rate compared to movers who must sell items at a higher premium due to higher cost. Any packing materials purchased at these stores can be returned for a refund if not used, so as we always say, best to be prepared.

All moving estimates from New Republic Transport & Storage Corp automatically include basic coverage of up to $0.60 per lb, per article. For full value coverage for your move, please ask your agent for options or look into third party insurance providers of your choice. We do not offer full value protection insurance directly however, we can recommend third party insurance providers who can assist you. Submit a claim once your items are delivered and we will process it within 7 days with out any delays.

Packing is an important step in your moving process. It should be done properly to ensure the best possible protection for your items during your move. Any item that you feel is prone to possible damage should be well wrapped and protected and that may need additional packing materials. Our trucks are all prepared with all possible packing materials needed. If you are ready to get started on your move, give us a call and we can go over your packing options whether it is how to do it yourself or by reserving us to get it done for you.

New Republic Transport is your go to source for all things moving and storage so give us a call today at 561-210-1100 to go over your upcoming move. If you are moving in Boca Raton, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach or the surrounding areas, our in-home estimators can come by and go over all your moving details with you. We are a National Moving Broker and Local Florida Mover. Our US DOT# is 3602991 and our Florida Mover Registration # is IM3490. This allows us to be a full service moving company both nationally and in our own backyard. Give us a call and let’s get started with your move today!

New Republic Transport & Storage Corp is constantly innovating new ways for customers to estimate, book, and track their moves with efficiency and affordability. Our ability to merge modern age tech with established industry resources allows us to effectively solve long standing moving flaws. This is why we go above and beyond to educate and guide our consumers.”

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