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Run A Better Moving Company

Running a better moving company is not just about profits or making more money. It is mainly about establishing a balanced and healthy work life. This will allow you the opportunity to earn as much money as you want while also having time for things like family, friends, vacations, hobbies, and so on. Many would say this is not possible. He is just dreaming. Well, my talented team and I have proved those people wrong time and time again by developing a successful and fully scaleable moving company 5 times over. New Republic Transport is proof as are one of the nations largest brokers and yet as owners, we only work a 9 to 5 and most days, even less hours. This is due to the ability to implement effective strategies from various departments such as marketing, technology, sales, dispatch, customer service / claims, and human resources. Our experience in all of these fields allows us the unique ability to train and automate much of these processes in order to achieve a higher return rate as well as consistent quality in your service.

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Top Packing Tips For Movers

New Republic Transport and Storage Corp offers movers reliable packing ideas and tips to new movers just starting out. We go much more in-depth once you sign up with any of our moving back office packages. But we always to help everyone get off to a great start. To help movers do this right, we decided to create an outline of how to pack your customers fragile items correctly in order to avoid damages and claims.

There are several types of fragile items & all need special attention in order to be ready for transport. The list of fragile items is based on the items material. Glass, rare stone, and antique wood are amongst the most common & important categories of fragile materials for household items. If you have items that fall in these item categories, they will need to be packed in a specific way to ensure their safety.

Glass items will need more attention compared to the other categories due to the level of fragility of glass itself. When we pack glass, we want to make sure no glass is touching other glass or metal surfaces if packed in a box. To avoid this, you will want to wrap each individual glass item with paper first (you can use old news paper or magazines laying around) then bubble wrap all around the item. Once fully wrapped with both layers, you can place the item in the box. Be sure to include support at the bottom of the box. A layer of bubble wrap will do. A good way to save box space is by using a towel or pillow at the bottom and top of each glass packed box. This will ensure the box has no empty space for items to move around and also can save towel and pillow boxes as well.

Other glass items like mirrors that do not fit in a box will need to be wrapped in heavy padded blankets then wrapped again with cardboard which is then shrink wrapped. This gives it 3 layers of  shock absorbent protection. The cardboard & blankets will also protect from handling mishaps. Most items are not damaged during handling but during transport as shock traveling through the truck can crack glass or even stone and wood items.

Stone and Wood items are handled the same in many instances. First layer of protection is always the heavy duty padded blanket. Once all wrapped and all areas are covered, items are shrink wrapped to ensure item is fully protected. Keep in mind, shrink wrapping items is an additional layer of protection and in many instances will be additional in cost. So we always advise our clients to purchase a large roll of shrink wrap from Home Depot or Lowes in order to save on packing materials. Large vendors like Home Depot and Lowes are big buyers and have the ability to offer customers these packing materials at a very low rate compared to movers who must sell items at a higher premium due to higher cost. Any packing materials purchased at these stores can be returned for a refund if not used, so as we always say, best to be prepared.

Packing is an important step in any moving process. It should be done properly to ensure the best possible protection for customer items during the move. Any item that you feel is prone to possible damage should be well wrapped and protected and that may need additional packing materials. Your trucks should be stacked and prepared with all possible packing materials needed. This will allow you to earn more in the event packing is needed. Many movers miss out on additional revenue yearly due to improperly charging for packing. Mostly it is due to not having the material on the truck when arriving to the job. Blanket and tape is not enough… If you are ready to get started on your path to moving success, give us a call and we can get you started with a free consultation. During your consultation, we offer a tons of advice and insight on how we can solve many of your problems, including becoming your full moving back office. This will set you up with a team of experts in various moving and business development approaches all for a flat monthly fee. (Sales & Dispatch Packages include a small commission structure).

New Republic Transport is your go to source for all things moving back office support so give us a call today at 561-210-1100 to go over your  moving company how we can become part of your growth and success. Whether you are looking for dispatch, more jobs on your calendar, administration, customer service / claims, or just sales & marketing help. Give us a call! We have a package for it all!

New Republic Transport & Storage Corp is constantly innovating new ways to help our clients estimate, book, and service their customers with efficiency and year to year growth. Our ability to merge modern age tech with established industry resources allows us to effectively solve long standing moving flaws and give you an edge over all competition. This is why we go above and beyond to educate and guide our movers.”

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Know Your Customers

Knowing the customers in your community helps a lot. This is why we have demographic and social profiles on every region in the nation. This allows us to know your customers before reaching out to them on your behalf whether is during the sales or marketing process. This allows us to customize your sales and marketing strategy from scratch when you are signed up / boarded. During your boarding process, we will create all your messaging (Website content, emails, text messages, and videos) to reflect the best approach to convert your potential customers in the areas you choose to moving customers.

Our process is simple, we have dealt with every possible moving scenario you can imagine. This means we have dealt with every type of moving customer. We are former moving company and brokerage owners with over 14 years of moving industry experience. So we are fully aware of almost every possible thing that can go wrong. This is why our system works! We have built a back office process for moving companies that allows you to automate and avoid most of the possible problems that hinder a moving company’s growth. We are able to do this because our team also include marketing and tech geniuses who are top of their class in their fields. This simple aspect allows you to be much more powerful in your growth strategy.

The best part is, we handle it all for you! You are just responsible for waking up daily and ensure the jobs are getting done. That is it! And yes, you get to keep most of the money, minus a small cut to us of course. 😉 But it is a small cut, and well worth the investment! So let’s get to know you today and figure out if we are a good fit for each other! The consultation is free and we are confident you will walk away with at least some cool ideas.

Our primary focus is helping you grow your moving company organically. We are your sales, dispatch, customer service, administration, and marketing team all in one for a fraction of the cost! We help you book more jobs, organize them, run your day to day operation, order materials, expand on your online reputation, build your website and awesome ad videos to post all over the web, source & train your crews, and more! What you waiting for? Get a free consultation today!

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